She Means Business is an action plan. To arm the working woman of India with the necessary skills required for her to work as an equal. Grow as an equal. And get paid as an equal.

She Means Business is a set of workshops, trainings and networking events that encourage and empower working women to develop the skills required to deal with a demanding professional environment.


For Corporates

The agenda is simple. To help more women in corporate India reach leadership positions.

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Learn skills that empower you to reach bigger heights

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Life is More than deadlines, project reports, battling traffic and taking frequent breaks for the canteen ki chai!

Life is about learning, having fun and bonding during working hours.

At Life is More, we design challenging, fun and learning based activities to enhance people capability of organizations. Because organizations are about people!

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With kickass facilitators, creative programs and flawless execution, we promise an unmatched employee engagement experience whatever the objective - be it a simple Fun Friday, a team building offsite or an engaging conference.

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